graphic design

Design Philosophy

I believe the best designs appeal to both intellect and emotion.


Consistently grabs attention & communicates the message

Sales Tools

Support the brand and spur the prospect to action


Expand reach and create advocates

Branding & Graphic Design

Serving Clients in Palm Bay and all over Central Florida.

Website design, hosting, branding and graphic design are not services I separate. If you're looking for a long-term partner that's as committed to building your business as you are, then I'm a good fit for you. My clients utilize my services for the longevity of their business life or until I help them grow large enough to bring branding & graphic design in-house.

Graphic Design Philosophy

Grab attention, communicate clearly & inspire action.

The primary goal of any design is to influence the audience in some way. Whether that action is purchasing your product or calling your business, that design must leave your prospect with the conclusion that your product or service is the obvious choice. The design must grab their attention instantly, focus them on the value-proposition and entice them to act now. It's this philosophy that ensures my designs get results!


Build Your Brand

Marketing begins and ends with your business identity.

Think about the major national brands and two consistent themes should come to mind: simplicity and repetition. Coca-Cola® is a massive conglomerate, yet as far as most consumers know, Coke® is a soft drink company. Coke never allowed their brand to wander. The result is a consistent message of refreshment and carbonation that has stood the test of time since 1886. You don't see Coke branded Orange Juice. Instead, you know "Simply Orange." You don't see Coke branded Iced Tea, but you know "Fuze Tea." Both Simply Orange and Fuze are Coca-Cola brands. Good brand stewardship keeps your brand laser focused on a consistent identity.

Identify Your Brand - I often ask a prospective client to describe their brand in 6 words or less. Few if any small businesses have ever considered the message their brand needs to communicate. Without it, the brand is lost, and consistency can't be achieved.

If you can't identify your brand in 6 words or less, try asking your staff and customers for their opinions. They will help you figure out what your business does best and make that your slogan.

Consistent Use - Once you have an identity, it must be consistently featured in every graphic design and marketing tool you employ. This is more than just the logo, colors and fonts. It's the texture and weight of the paper, the shape of your signage, the style of the uniforms, the smell of your store, the greeting your staff uses, etc.. It all has to reinforce your brand.

Allow Your Brand to Mature - You might see it every day and eventually tire of it. But your prospective customer is seeing it for the first or fifth or tenth time. Maybe that tenth time was enough to bring your brand to the top of mind when that same prospect needs your product or service. A well thought out, and designed brand will last decades. Developing a brand takes time, often years so stick with it and give it time to pay dividends.

Examples of core branded materials include business cards, letterhead, envelopes, cups, table tents, refrigerator magnets, t-shirts, banners, flags, gift cards, newsletters, tradeshow displays, billboards, stickers and tents or canopies.


Sales Tools

If it can be printed or displayed, we can design it.

Sales tools can be any printed or displayed design which is used to drive revenue or expand brand awareness. There's no limit to what this can encompass but here are just a few of the printed sales tools we have already designed: brochures, postcards, sales sheets, magazine ads, flyers, rack cards, presentation folders, book covers and menus.



Expand your brand awareness & drive revenue.

Does advertising work for small business? I answer this question frequently. Unfortunately, the answer to that question is not a simple one. The honest answer is sometimes. The probability of success will be significantly increased if the advertising strategy is sound and correctly targeted.  Having created and executed hundreds of campaigns, I have the experience needed to swing the odds in your favor. I've successfully devised and implemented magazine, direct response, radio & corporate advertising campaigns. A successful advertising campaign can jumpstart a lagging business or push a successful business into overdrive,



Branding & Graphic Design in Palm Bay, Florida

Although I have clients all over Florida, my base of operations is Palm Bay, FL. I place exceptional value on the ability to meet with clients on short notice at their place of business. I value their time and understand that business moves quickly. If your organization can't afford a marketing department, but you need one, then I'm a good fit for you.