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Website design, hosting, branding and marketing are not services I separate. If you're located in Palm Bay, FL, and looking for a long-term partner that's as committed to building your business as you are, then I'm a good fit for you. My clients stick with me for ten years or more because I generate results.

Creative Website Design

Serving clients in Palm Bay, Florida

Your website is the single most important revenue-generating asset your business owns. My designs are intended to bring the strengths of your brand to the forefront. The design is always focused on the goals of driving qualified traffic and then converting that traffic to revenue.

I meet with you, and I listen - There's an intrinsic value in seeing your organization and meeting with you, face-to-face. That's when I learn about your business, ask pertinent questions, discover your expectations and address your concerns.

We Develop Content Together - I've been optimizing content for search engines since 1999. I make my vast experience available to you and your team. This is very important because deliberately written content attracts more web traffic.

Impactful Website Design reinforces your brand and leaves a lasting impression on your prospects. Exceptional designs are the framework supporting great visuals, inspirational content and Search Engine Optimization.

Thorough Proofing - I employ the latest technology and independent reviewers to ensure the web site looks fantastic in all the major browsers and operating systems as well as various screen sizes.

Standards compliant - Web pages should be HTML standards compliant when possible. Standards compliant HTML will have extended longevity and is readily indexed by search engines. See the w3c for info on standards.

Website Hosting & Application Design - Website hosting is not an afterthought. Hosting your site on low-rent entities can significantly affect SEO, branding and email reputation. That's why I host the websites I design on web servers that I administer. They're located and maintained at a Tier 1 data center directly tied to the internet backbone in Miami, FL. I provide each website with a dedicated IP address that is not linked to spam or abuse block lists. Furthermore, I ensure your IP address stays clean primarily because I run my own servers and thus can prevent most cases of hacking and email spamming. Furthermore, I can customize my servers and applications to perform the specialized tasks your website might need. I won't design your website if I'm not hosting it on my servers.

Responsive Code

One design for every view-space, now and in the future

Responsive Web design identifies and reconfigures the view according to the user's behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation. This eliminates the need for a mobile, tablet and desktop site. However, to achieve this, the coder needs to have vast experience and expertise in every aspect of website design including HTML, CSS, Javascript and Jquery. Rest assured, your new website will be fully responsive so it will look great at every popular screen size, in every primary browser, and on every widely used platform.

Search Engine Optimized

SEO is not an option; it's a necessity for success

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of crafting content, writing code, localization, social media & backlinks to achieve page 1 organic ranking within search engine results. A well-rounded SEO program will reap extremely cost-effective benefits for years to come.

Crafting Search Engine Optimized Content - There's a lot more to writing great content than including keywords. Frequency, relevancy and pertinent information are critical factors to developing good SEO content. My 20 years of experience with SEO becomes a priceless asset to your organization's new website.

Localization - I'll help you identify and capture your local listings on Yahoo, Google, Yelp and other localized web features. Local results appear first in many searches where localized keywords are used. Correctly captured local assets can bring immediate results.

Social Media - Besides the opportunity to reach new clients, social media listings are an essential component of every Search Engine Optimization strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest listings can provide significant link power to your website. This link power (backlinking) is one of the primary factors Google uses in ranking your website.

Backlinks - This is the bread and butter of good SEO. Google places more emphasis on linked keyword coming to your website (backlinks) than the content it finds there. Why? Content is relatively easy to create and thus, more susceptible to abuse. Links from external sources using your keyphrases are valuable assets in developing effective SEO.


Marketing & Support

I'm with you every step of the way, your success and mine are linked

I prefer clients that understand a website is just part of an overall marketing strategy. Branding, print campaigns, search engine marketing (paid search), and social media advertising are long-term endeavors. They need the experienced, steady leadership a consultant like me provides.

Branding - I've designed more logos and worked on more branding initiatives than I can count. Your brand is the passive voice of your company. The logo design, color scheme, fontography and tagline all work together to communicate your organization's identity. Your logo displays on every marketing related enterprise you undertake that's why I emphasize an overall approach to branding, making sure it looks great in every size and medium.

Print Campaigns & Graphic Design - I often chuckle when a new client shows me the printed materials their "web site design firm" created for them. The hues are often incorrect and the printed piece usually has uneven margins. That's because print and web design are entirely different. I became a graphic designer in 1993 when printed material was the standard. Since then, I've created thousands of print designs from brochures and posters to tradeshow displays and outdoor billboards.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Often referred to as "paid search", it is the enterprise of paying a search engine to display your text or image ad in search results and on related websites. How much you pay is directly tied to the competitiveness of the keywords and the quality of your ad. Costs can quickly escalate with little results to show, that's why creating and managing an SEM campaign takes expertise in the field and experience running successful campaigns. I've been building and maintaining successful Search Engine Marketing campaigns since 2004. I will put my expertise to work for you.

Social Media Advertising - Although this is the new kid on the block, social media advertising can be very cost-effective and contribute to brand awareness in significant ways. Adults born in the 1990s were teens when MySpace was introduced in 2003. Facebook and youtube soon followed, and every generation since has been addicted to Social Media. If your organization's clients are Millenials and beyond, you need a social media presence. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are the primary drivers of qualified traffic, but there are many others.


Website Design in Palm Bay Florida

Although I have clients all over Florida, my base of operations is Palm Bay, FL. I place exceptional value on the ability to meet with clients on short notice at their place of business. I value their time and understand that business moves quickly. If your organization can't afford a marketing department, but you need one, then I'm a good fit for you.